Artist Statement

“My work depicts the black female form and always revolves around two forces: A  woman and a world. My characters are based on people I know in my life and people I sometimes make up in my mind. These women exist as a way to analyze my mental state as well as the world around me. They express the experience of existing at the intersections of a Black person and a female, with my quirks and interests thrown in. These are things in which I feel are underrepresented in contemporary art which is why I want to express them. My work celebrates that existence with otherworldly realms and aesthetics that defy the constraints of logic. Their respective universes are where they exist unapologetically. In my paintings, the women are in a safe space in which they put on display for the audience to observe.”


A San Antonio based painter and illustrator. Kwanzaa Edwards has been honing her skills in figurative painting since 2014. Kwanzaa blended her illustrative style with her experience in figurative illustration bringing about a unique marriage of her skills. 


Social Media

Instagram: @empty_holiday

Facebook: Artist Kwanzaa K Edwards

Twitter: @EmptyH0liday